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Our Mission

Research Enquirer was founded by Sean Smith in 2013 as an independent information services provider. Being an avid reader of investigative reporting from a young age, Sean noticed that more and more newsrooms were having to downsize due to a decrease in funding. This posed an evident risk to the quality and availability of long-term investigative journalism. Considering investigative journalism as a critical pillar of society, Sean felt the need to provide an alternative solution for organizations suffering from a lack of ad-hoc resources in this field. He aimed to create an on-demand malleable workforce that could step into any organization and provide a cost-effective quality ‘fix’.


The Research Enquirer’s main goal is to improve the capacity and quality of the media sector and to provide specialized research capabilities to entities that struggle with it. We aim to provide businesses with the necessary agility and flexibility their industry needs.


We work on a project-by-project basis, servicing multiple organizations. Our professionals can seamlessly and expertly delve into each project to fill skill gaps and lack of resources. Our formation and continued funding are dependent on the high-quality of our work and our strong partnerships in the industry. Our natural partners are mainly within the print and broadcast media, but we have also successfully partnered with non-profit organizations and international think-tanks.


Our array of experienced professionals holds a variety of skills. With their global reach, they are ready to transform any lead into a comprehensive story.

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What We Do

At the Research Enquirer we provide tailor-made support services for in-depth research and investigatory projects. The Research Enquirer’s objective is to empower businesses with customised services, provided by our exceptional and diverse team.

We have provided quality services and support to multiple organisations around the world, ranging from small broadcasters and newspapers to media conglomerates. We have also worked with non-profit organisations and thinktanks.

We can handle all stages of the content production process. Including investigative inquiries performed by experienced professionals; conducting interviews, surveys, online research, fact-checking, and overall analysis. We produce comprehensive background reports and ghostwritten feature content at any scale needed.




We provide you with a full account of one-on-one interviews for background research, broadcasting purposes and more. You are able to provide us with the questions and use the end product in any way you choose.


Proactive Investigative Research

Our professionals can be your source of information from the ground at any given scope. They are experienced with investigative reporting requiring on-the-ground observations and interactions.


Online Research & Insight

Our experienced analysts are skilled in multi-layered research techniques and will provide support at any stage of the content-cycle. In accordance with customer requests, they assist in gathering essential information and verifying data. Their work also includes the production of full-scale investigative reports.


Content Writing

We employ experienced content ghostwriters, able to create engaging newsworthy content for broadcast commentary or print media outlets.


Freelance Investigative Reporting

We make an effort to pursue journalism that benefits the public, striving to deconstruct complex issues and enlighten readers and viewers. We proactively pitch unique investigative reports to prospective partners.

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We do our best to accommodate any requirement.
Feel free to talk to us about your needs and we will deliver a suitable solution.

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How It Works

Drop Us

a Line

Send us a formal request outlining the service required.


Your Needs

Based on the project at hand, we will work to establish a mutual understanding of the type and scope of services necessary. Whether your project is small or large, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


a Quote

We will provide a written statement detailing all aspects of the job, estimating the cost of the particular services needed.


a Formal Relationship

We will draft a formal contractual agreement that will lay out our partnership, including its full scope, the type of services needed, the outline of the deliverables, a detailed Gantt schedule, and pricing.

Your project is in good hands 

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Why Us


Global Reach

Our Professionals are located across the globe and are proficient in multiple languages. 


Tailored Services

We can customize our services according to your needs, accommodating any lack of resources or skill gaps you have in-house. 


Diverse Backgrounds

We have a great team of content writers from diverse backgrounds with experience in multiple sectors.


We allow no compromises when it comes to ethical conduct and the discretion required in this line of business. 



Innovative Boost

Working with us provides a fresh perspective and new insights to the projects at hand. 



We deal with sensitive information, that is why we have made encrypted communication available via Tutanota*.  

It is important to ensure the accurate classification of our working relationships to comply with tax and employment law regulations. We define our partnerships and scope of service in accordance with regulatory frameworks and the services deemed necessary.

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Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!


Feel free to contact us at


You are also welcome to contact us via

* Tutanota is an accredited service that offers additional layers of encryption and privacy standards, complying with GDPR. We use Tutanota as an alternative email provider, for individuals that value their anonymity.


Or simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. 


Thanks for submitting!

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